Green Belt of Fennoscandia
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Green Belt of Fennoscandia
Green Belt of Fennoscandia
Green Belt of Fennoscandia Conference "Green Belt of Fennoscandia - 2013"
Green Belt of Fennoscandia







Results expected 
Results expected from international cooperation

  • Working out of common approaches to dealing with environmental problems (common environmental policy)
  • Organization of international nature reserves
  • Enhancement of tourism and transport infrastructures
  • Formation of a network of international nature tourism and environmental learning routes
  • Joining of efforts and resources for conservation of natural and cultural heritage
  • "Environmentalization" of the public mind
  • Preparation of scientific, educational, popular-science editions, leaflets, guidebooks, video materials

Expected nature conservation results
  • Working out scientific principles of conserving northern ecosystems exposed to anthropogenic pressure and global climate change;
  • Разработка программы сохранения и рационального использования природных ресурсов;
  • Working out a programme for conservation and sustainable management of natural resources;
  • Working out a conservation programme for rare and endangered species;
  • Scientific substantiation of PA network formation and development:
    • Identification of undisturbed ecosystems, and preparation of recommendations for their conservation;
    • Identification of key biodiversity conservation areas;
    • Development of the network of ecological corridors.
    • Assessment of the status of rare and commercial plant populations in GBF territory;
    • Assessment of the status of rare and commercial animal populations, and identification of their migration pathways;

Expected results in environmental education
  • Internet resources, including the "Green Belt of Fennoscandia" GIS
  • Publishing activities
    • Scientific publications (descriptions of communities and ecosystems, species checklists)
    • Popular-science editions, incl. educational materials
    • Leaflets and posters
    • Maps and schemes of ecotourism routes
    • Video materials
  • Environmental awareness building (presentations in mass media, lectures to schoolchildren, students, local people)
  • Organization of environmental and ethnographic festivals and other events


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